0.1875"X0.3125"X0.500"X0.4375" Part# EF030508 (FF303-4) Oil Impregnated Bronze Flanged Bushing (0324)

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3/16" ID X 5/16" OD X 1/2" Long X 7/16" Flange OD Bunting EF030508 (old number: FF303-4) Flanged Oil Impregnated Bronze Bushing 

Bunting Oil-Filled P/M, Bronze Bearings
Bunting Bearings offers a complete line of stock plain bearings, flange bearings and washers made of P/M bronze. Bunting sintered bronze stock bearings have long conformed to ASTM chemical and physical properties, and are the first to include all ASTM standard sizes to ASTM recommended dimensions and tolerances. After forming, sintering and sizing, the bearings are vacuum impregnated with SAE 30 oil that provides lubricant which is metered from the bearing to the shaft during rotation. Standard off-the-shelf oil impregnated bronze bearings should function satisfactorily in temperatures ranging from 10°F to 220°F. Consult Intech if application requires higher temperatures or other specific operating conditions.

Nominal Size I.D.

3/16 in

Nominal Size O.D.

5/16 in

I.D. Min

0.1885 in

I.D. Max

0.1895 in

O.D. Min

0.3130 in

O.D. Max

0.3140 in


1/2 in

Length Tolerance

+/-0.005 in

Flange O.D.

7/16 in

Flange O.D. Tolerance

+/-0.005 in

Flange Thickness

1/16 in

Flange Thickness Tolerance

+/-0.005 in

Min. Temperature

10 ºF

Max. Temperature

220 ºF

P Value (Max.)


V Value (Max.)


PV Value (Max.)


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Akshay Singhal-Nulu

0.1875"X0.3125"X0.500"X0.4375" Part# EF030508 (FF303-4) Oil Impregnated Bronze Flanged Bushing (0324)

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