40-1 Riveted Roller Chain, 10 Ft Length with C/L

$ 31.00

This roller chain meets ASME/ANSI B29.1 standards and is shot peened during production to increase metal fatigue resistance. All chain is pre-lubricated for wear resistance. Tensile strength: 3,930lbs. Roller Diameter: 0.312, Roller Width: 0.309, Pin Diameter: 0.156, Link Plate Thickness: 0.060, Link Plate "H": 0.472, Pin Length "R": 0.642., 10 foot length, includes one connecting link.

Chain number & pitch:

40 / 1/2 in

  Link plate thickness:

0.06 in

Number of strands across:


  Pin diameter:

0.156 in

Chain construction:


  Chain overall width:

0.717 in


Carbon Steel

  Roller diameter:

0.312 in

Number of links:

240/10 ft

  Standards met:

ANSI, ASME B15.1-2000, ASME B20.1-2006

Inside width:

0.312 in

  Working load capacity:

810 lb

Link plate height:

0.472 in

  Tensile strength:

4290 lbs



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