12B-1, British Standard Chain, 10 Ft. Box with C/L

$ 53.50

12B-1 British Standard Chain, British standard chains are also known as metric chains. They are similar to ANSI chains in that the pitch is based on fractions of an inch, but they are different in some key dimensions. Dimensions are given in inches.

  • Weight 0.84 Lbs. Per Foot
  • Manufactured to ISO 606, British Standard (BS 228) and DIN 8187
    Common Interchanges
    • 12B-1
    • RS12B UST
    • 12B Chain
    • 62 AMETRIC

Interchange information is provided as a guide only. Dimensional & performance differences may apply.
Consult Intech sales or engineering for interchange or suitability for an application assistance



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