99237 SKF Speedi-Sleeve Shaft Repair Kit (0324)

$ 79.60

SKF Speedi-Sleeve

For Shaft Size: 2.374" ~ 2.380",  Installed Width on Shaft: 0.780", Max Installed Depth: 1.374"

SKF Speedi-Sleeve Shaft Repair Kit: Includes Stainless Steel Sleeve, Installation Tool and Instructions. Individually Boxed.

General Information:
Type of Product: SKF Speedi-Sleeve Shaft Repair Sleeve Kit
Nominal Shaft Diameter: 2.375"
Width on Shaft: 0.780"
Material: Ultra-thin wear sleeve made from SAE/AISI 304 stainless steel. Surface Hardness: Over 220HV (95 HRB), Wall Thickness: 0.28mm
Typical Application: The quick, easy and effective alternative to resizing, metallizing, or replacing damaged shafts.
Shaft Size Range:  2.374" ~ 2.380"
Overall Width: 0.937"
Flange Diameter: 2.748"
Features: Outside surface forms an ideal sealing surface without the need for additional surface preparation. Fast shaft repair with included installation tool, often without changing the current seal. Tools Required for Installation: Mallet and Pliers
Brand Name: STURDI
Weight Each:  0.200 Lbs.

Excessive water, dirt, heat, lack of lubrication or high shaft speed can all cause a sealing lip to groove the shaft and ultimately create a leak. When a new seal cannot compensate for excessive damage in shafts, select an SKF Speedi-Sleeve. This ultra-thin wear sleeve provides a snug, leak-proof fit on shafts. Speedi-Sleeve is the cost-effective alternative to resizing, metallizing or replacing the severely damaged surface. It installs easily, with minimal machine downtime.



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