99250 SKF/CR Speedi Sleeve Shaft Repair Sleeve Kit

$ 46.01

Type of Product: Speedi-Sleeve Standard Product - Inch
Nominal Shaft Diameter: 2-1/2"
Width on Shaft: 25/32"
Lip Material: N/A
Construction Description: Ultra-thin wear sleeve made from stainless steel
Typical Application: Quick, easy, effective alternative to resizing, metalizing, or replacing a damaged surface
Shaft Range for Speedi-Sleeve: 2.500" - 2.506"
"Y" Width (Overall Width) For Speedi-Sleeve: 0.938"
"D" (Flange Diameter) For Speedi-Sleeve: 2.820"
Additional Features: Outside surface forms an ideal sealing surface without the need for additional surface preparation. Fast shaft repair with included installation tool, often without changing the current seal.
Trade / Brand Name: SKF Speedi-Sleeve
Weight Ea. (Lbs): 0.249
Catalog Type: Speedi Sleeve - Inch
Type Series: 2-1/2"
Feature: • When a new seal cannot compensate for excessive damage in small diameter shafts, select a CR Speedi-Sleeve • This ultra-thin wear sleeve provides a snug, leak-proof fit on shafts • Excessive water, dirt, heat, lack of lubrication or high shaft speed can all cause a sealing lip to groove the shaft and ultimately create a leak • Speedi-Sleeve is the cost-effective alternative to resizing, metalizing or replacing the severely damaged surface • It installs easily, without excessive machine downtim


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