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A72, V-BELT The Classical V-belt achieves power ratings considerably higher than most other belts available in the market. The compounds used to build up these belts are chosen to match the stipulated power ratings. Classical V-Belts offer distinct advantages towards increased safety on critical drives. Replaces 700709489 OC Length 1/2" X 74" Top Width 1/2" Depth 5/16" mega-cross: (1 to 9 of 9) Replaces: A-4L740 IND. 4L SECTION BELT A-700709489 IH Crossed From: AP72 DAYCO A72DC DEALERS CHOICE 174967C1 CASE/IH 420417 BOSTWICK-BRAUN 62072 TSC CANADA 678-8319 ORGILL 6788319 ORGILL


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