DC-12 Door Check Control for Jeep JK Wranglers

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Tired of your Wrangler's door closing on you at the most inconvenient moment? Ever had your door get caught by a breeze, usually with heavy oncoming traffic or while next to a fancy car, that's most likely yours, when parking? Getting out on an incline and the door slams open or shut, usually on you again, this time while carrying grandmom's antique crystal collection)? We have your solution!

The DC-12 is a patent-pending door check/control device for a no-cutting, no-drilling, bolt-on installation for 2007-2018 Jeep JK & JKU front doors. It only takes a few minutes to provide your Jeep Wrangler the door control (positional luxury) that just about every other vehicle on the road provides as standard issue.

The problem with providing this luxury in the past was that most door check systems would make removing your doors much more difficult and they usually require a lot of initial installation time and drilling, cutting, painting and fiddling. Our new DC-12 design eliminates the hassle, so you can take off and re-install your doors almost exactly like you do now.

Once installed, the DC-12 system requires no tools when removing or putting your doors back on. Remove the existing door check strap from the hook on the body. While following all known safety equipment requirements and procedures, loosely take hold of the DC-12 Flex Arm and then SLOWLY open the door with your other until the DC-12 Flex Arm is free of the DC-12 Receiver. To re-install: Reverse the procedure. No tools needed!

Like your door check straps? Hey, we do too! No need to remove them because we've designed our system to keep all of your original hardware, including the check strap, intact.

Aircraft quality components, because using the right materials and good engineering to manufacture a product in the USA isn't a unique idea, we only wish that more people did.

Easily adapted for use with a wide range of other vehicles and even light aircraft. We can customize this unique system to control all sorts of doors, hatches and other hinged components. Just drop us an email .



Sold Out

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