DC-12 Door Check Control for Jeep JK Wranglers (1 Pair)

$ 89.95

DC-12 designed by  

The DC-12 is a patented door-check control device for a no-cutting, no-drilling, bolt-on installation for 2007-2018 *Jeep JK & JKU front doors. It only takes a few minutes to provide your Jeep Wrangler with the door control (positional luxury) that just about every other vehicle on the road provides as standard issue.

30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee!
If during the first 30 days after receipt of the DC-12 you are dissatisfied, for any reason, you may return it for a full refund. Just pay return insured shipping. 

Priced per pair, for the front driver and passenger doors.
Made in Texas, USA
We are BACK IN PRODUCTION! Right now, we are running a couple of days behind on shipping as we catch up. Thanks for your patience!

Download the Installation Instructions

*Jeep® is the registered trademark of Daimler-Chrysler (2007)  Chrysler LLC (2007-2009) Chrysler Group LLC (2009-2014) FCA US LLC (2014-2018), Stellantis N.V.  and there is no association, whatsoever, with Intech Bearing Inc., UrbanEscape or the DC-12 product 

Customer Reviews

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Russell Bade
DC-12 Door Check - The Wife Loves It!

My wife enjoys her Jeep but the one thing she couldn’t handle was the doors constantly swinging closed on her as she got in, especially with her hands full. After the simple installation of the DC-12s the problem is solved. On our sloped driveway, they hold the doors open in any of the four positions. She is a happy Jeeper 👍

Hi Mr. Bade,

Thank you for the review! It was my wife's complaints that inspired my invention of the DC-12.

Be Well,

David Robertson
Door check evaluation

Simple application. I wasn’t sure if I should place the wiring harness on top or below. I tried both and went with the lower placement. It’s not attractive but it works. You have to get use to pushing the door with much more force to open or close.

Hi Mr. Robertson,

Thanks for the review! Our videos for installing the DC-12 show the wiring harness going under the unit, we will add that to the written instruction sheet.

After a couple of weeks of use, the effort for opening and closing the doors will lessen considerably.

We appreciate the feedback!

David Scoggins
Problem solved

After three years of trying to keep door open when parked on a hill . Finally fixed.Very greatful

Hi Mr. Scoggins,

Happy to hear you like the DC-12! Thanks for for taking the time to submit your review, it really helps spread the word

Many Thanks,

Sharon K
Jeep door controller

I love that it can be stopped at many places. Not thrilled I have to push it so hard to open the door and slam it to close it to latch. But hey it's a learning curve!!Oh and the loud clunk😉

Hi Sharon,

Thanks for your purchase! The issues you mention are things we've dealt with in the past.

The two major causes of excessive noise and open/closing force are check-strap routing and misalignment... and those two issues can be and are often related issues. After all, it's not the most accessible area and usually not very well lit:)

From my experience, there's a good chance that your DC-12 is slightly out of alignment...this can cause harder than normal closing effort and louder engagement noise. I suggest that you slightly loosen the bolts on the receiver, not much, just a bit so the receiver can slide a bit. Then open and close the door a couple of times. You should notice a distinct improvement. If not, check the door strap.

Make sure that your door check strap is properly routed, otherwise, the entanglement in the mechanism can cause you to require excessive force when opening & closing the door, not to mention it can damage the wiring within.

Just observe the DC-12 and strap while opening and closing... paying special attention to the door check strap. It should not be under the receiver (under the actual receiver base) or twisted.

Third: If none of those solutions work for you, give it time to 'break-in'. The sharpness of the sound will diminish after the unit has been used a couple of dozen times.

Please let me know how those ideas work for you, we want you to be 100% happy with your purchase!

Thanks Again!

DC-12 stops and holds the Wrangler doors.

The DC-12 Door check is a great product and holds the door very secure when it is open. It was very easy to install also.

Dear Mr. Nerger,

We're happy to hear that you are satisfied with the DC-12!

Thanks for taking the time to give us a review, it's very helpful.

Many Thanks,



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